Landing Clients from Start to Finish - Part One

Recently I've been scouring around for blogs and there are a whole load out there about how to become successful on UpWork. A lot of them are properly inspirational and tell you all about how the author earns 40k a year freelancing now, yadda yadda yadda.

As inspiring as those blogs are, I realised that they're kind of all tell and no show, right? So I thought it would be handy to write a real life example of the step-by-step process I've used to land a client.

Hopefully showing you how I do it is a better idea than just preaching general rules. Honestly I'm a few Heineken's in so you'll have to decide for yourself. Let's analyse my application step-by-step:
Part One - Applying for the Job So obviously the whole point of this post is showing how to land clients on UpWork. But I'm going to add a second half which will focus on interacting with clients and how I actually produce them copy as well. The Job Description I've included a scrot (screenshot)…

Funding your Travels by Freelancing Abroad - My Experience

There are loads of blogs out there about working as a freelancer whilst you travel the world, but I haven't seen one yet which goes too deeply into the actual logistics of it - how much you need to earn, how many hours you need to work, etc. So I'm writing my own!

Whilst I know this blog is focused on UpWork, I still think this will be useful - and as basically all of my income at the moment is from UpWork hopefully it is still relevant as well!
Freelancing is an up-and-down way to make money. Some weeks are more lucrative than others - at the moment my schedule is packed for the next week, but it'll fund my travels, probably for the next month or so. It's not all glamorous - I'll be eating cheaply and working a lot.
I dipped into freelance for a while about a year before I set off, so I had a decent portfolio of blogs which I could use as an example of my writing style. I'd recommend that anyone who wants to freelance from abroad do the same. Even with a good …

Landing Clients From Start To Finish - Part Two

I'd go so far as to say that applying to jobs and landing new clients is part of freelancing which I get a kick out of the most.

However I think it's interesting that there are so many blogs on writing a great proposal, deciding how much you should charge and finding suitable jobs to apply for - but not many on what comes next.

Winning a job is a great start - but turning that job into a productive, long-term relationship with a client is the next step. Let's talk about what happens next!
If you've just arrived be sure to check out Part One of this blog here, which focuses on finding suitable jobs and writing a great proposal!
Time for the highly anticipated Part Two!!
Asking the Right Questions Even if the job description for your clients project was incredibly detailed, chances are you still have questions about how to make the project a success. Not only will finding out more improve your chances of nailing exactly what the client is expecting of you - it will show …

What we can all Learn from Danny Margulies

If you're looking for a few top tips for growing your business as a freelancer - which i personally think apply to any freelancer on UpWork and are reiterated in various blogs - feel free to skip to the last paragraph of this blog!

Ever wanted to earn a six figure income on UpWork?

Me too man!

Naturally I've been putting in a bit of research as I write this blog and one name which keeps popping up in the freelance content writing niche - that of Danny Margulies, earner of hundreds of thousands of dollars on UpWork. His website, courses and blogs over at Freelance To Win are apparently the holy grail for thousands of freelancers.

So what do I think? Is it for real?

Let's split this article. I want to be fair to the fella, so we'll start with the positives.
What can you learn from Danny? Danny is a great copywriter, and probably an even better marketer. This is evident from the get go, and even the personal blogs on his website are very well written.
Enough so that for an…

Get Approved on UpWork - Creating A Perfect Profile

So this week your boy has started checking out a few UpWork community pages and I've noticed that a lot of people are struggling to get their profiles approved on the site. It's not as hard as you think to get approved on UpWork!

One of the ways UpWork distinguishes itself from other freelancing sites like Freelancer and Fiverr is by enforcing a relatively effective vetting process to stop the website being saturated with freelancers who offer the same skills.

This basically means that if there are too many freelancers who offer the same skills as you already, it's unlikely that you'll be able to create an account. So how can you get around this?

UpWork has a two stage process for assessing applications. The first stage is automatic, relying on algorithms which probe your application. The first loophole to jump through is your email address - you're less likely to get accepted with a generic gmail or outlook account than you are with a company one!

Stage One - The …

My First Month on Upwork - Some Reflections

My connects reset today which means it's been exactly a month - nice convenient time to reflect. So here's a blog vaguely based on where I am with my freelancing and where you should aim to be, I guess.

I'd say the most important part of month one is building an application which works for you - check out an example of mine in this blog about applying for jobs. Whilst pinging out the same application for everything you apply for won't get you anywhere, there is a general theme and structure to get to grips with. Find out what works for you.

Secondly, in the beginning it's all about building up a bit of feedback. Asking clients if they mind closing and reopening a contract so that you can build up 5* feedback is a good shout - once you've got a few under your belt it's much easier to land more jobs.

In this initial stage of building up some feedback, you'll probably find yourself working for a bit less than you'd ideally want to get paid. Unlucky! Bu…

Finding the Right Clients

Great news lads, your boy is getting some fun new contracts in!!

A few days off a month into my freelance extravaganza and things are picking up. For the first few months whilst I work and travel I'm keeping it casual. My legend girlfriend is coming out for three weeks in June and so is a geezer I went to school with in August - as I don't wanna have to work flat out when they're here, it makes sense to stick to a handful of decent clients.

Your first month is all about building a portfolio and getting some good feedback in. I've secured the rising talent badge pretty easily so should be on track for Top-Rated by the time I start properly hitting this up.. I get back around September.

I already posted about the fact that I've picked up a few jobs where i didn't really get paid enough which is basically inevitable when you're starting out. After a month though I'm riding a 100% job success score due to the seven five star feedback's I've picked up…